Why Mensa says you have to play this game


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Picture this: you’re roughhousing with your friends and you accidentally break a precious vase and have to fix it before your mom comes home. We’ve all been there. Now imagine the same thing but change “mom” to “professor,” “friends” to “cogineers,” “vase” to “cogtraption,” and “real-life” to “mad scientist steampunk-themed board game with lots of cog-puns” and you’ve got the awesome COGZ Board Game.

This critically acclaimed (7.1/10, Board Game Geek) and Mensa-endorsed board game is perfect for kids and adults and allows you to exercise your critical thinking in a unique, challenging, and competitive environment. COGZ rewards repeat playing so the more you play, the better you get at pattern matching, planning, and strategy. And since the broken cogtraption is constructed from special Cog Tiles, there are infinite variations and no two games of COGZ are alike. Trust us, this is one board game that you won’t want to miss. Read more...

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