Whiskey, Alexa, and me: A night alone in the woods with digital assistants


I thought it would be fun. A night in the woods with two of the most recognizable AI in the world. There were no distractions: no TV screens, books, laptops, or other human beings. My phone was in airplane mode. 

It was just me, a bottle of moderately priced whiskey, a tiny cabin filled with tchotchkes, and my robot friends Google Home and Amazon Echo. 

At home, I use these devices all the time: as alarm clocks, for weather reports, and to play music. And as the “internet of things” grows, we’re likely going to be constantly interacting with digital assistants to control TVs, vacuums, smart lightbulbs, and murderous sex robots (O.K., maybe that last one’s a stretch).  Read more...

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