The next YA novel you should read just turned 50 and it’s still solid gold


If you would like to address S.E. Hinton, author of The Outsiders, you may call her one thing: “your majesty.”

Okay, maybe Hinton is joking — “Introduce me as S.E. Hinton first and then call me Susie,” she clarifies while laughing. 

But perhaps the royal title is more fitting than Hinton lets on.

This week Hinton is celebrating the 50th anniversary (an honor not many authors are alive to see) of The Outsiders. The book published when Hinton was only 17 years old, and according to Hinton, since its launch in 1967, the novel has never gone out of print and the  sold more copies in 2016 than it ever has.  Read more…

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