The best one-liners in ‘Star Fox 64,’ which is 20 years old today


Well, Cornerians, it’s Star Fox 64’s 20th Anniversary. 

Somehow we’ve made it this far with our literal fox-faced friend, through dinosaur planets, clunky third-person shooters, the Wii U one, and a pretty good couple of handheld games (one was more or less a port of SF64). But this day isn’t about those games. It’s about Star Fox 64, and it’s about Star Fox 64’s amazing dialogue and voice over.  

Yes, yes “Do a Barrel Roll” and all that, but what really makes the voice acting so special in Star Fox 64 is it’s supreme self-awareness and campy fun. With this personality in place, Nintendo crafted a rail-shooter that had that fun Nintendo feel, without sacrificing its sly sophistication.  Read more…

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