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ESPN pulls announcer from Virginia broadcast due to name: Robert Lee


A broadcaster for the first home game in the upcoming University of Virginia football season is switching duties due to his name: Robert Lee. 

ESPN announced on Wednesday that Lee and the company had "collectively made the decision" to switch him on to a different game due to recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which protests turned violent and one woman was killed.

The University of Virginia football team plays its home games in Charlottesville. Its opener is scheduled for September 2.

Here's the statement from ESPN PR: pic.twitter.com/VWuRQLwQvi

— Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) August 23, 2017

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Here's why Uncle Benjen's reunion with Jon Snow was so important in 'Game of Thrones' episode 6


Jon Snow just won't die on Game of Thrones. And the latest episode, "Beyond the Wall," provided us with the most convenient plot twist of all to save him.

Uncle Benjen's back! 

Oh dear, now Uncle Benjen isn't back 🙁

But we're not all that sure Ben's final moments in the episode necessarily prove he's dead. Despite being mobbed by wights, there's a lot to suggest otherwise, actually. 

First, though, let's do a refresher on who the hell Uncle Benjen even is in the first place, why his reunion with Jon was so meaningful, and what the it might mean for his role in the future.

Benjen was Ned Stark's youngest brother, who served as the "Stark in Winterfell" while all his brothers were off fighting in Robert's Rebellion. Almost immediately after Ned (his only surviving sibling) returned from the war, Benjen decided to go off and volunteer to join the Night's Watch. Read more...

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You won't believe how snazzy SpaceX's spacesuit looks


Elon Musk's space transport company SpaceX will one day start carrying humans into space, and now we know what their spacesuits will look like. 

Musk shared a photo of the spacesuit on his Instagram feed Wednesday, noting that it's a photo of the actual suit and not a mockup. 

"Worth noting that this actually works (not a mockup). Already tested to double vacuum pressure. Was incredibly hard to balance esthetics and function. Easy to do either separately," Musk said in the photo's description. 

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This texting service is here for all your back-to-school worries


If it feels like you're the only person quietly freaking out about the new school year, rest assured that everyone else is having some version of the same internal monologue. 

It goes something like this: Am I wearing the right clothes? Am I taking the right classes? Will my friends still be my friends and can I make new ones? I'm totally excited but also feel a little like throwing up. 

The team behind Shine, the free texting service dedicated to helping you "feel your best self," knows exactly what that's like. That's why the company just launched a short-term campaign called "The Flip Side" to help college students calm their nerves. When students sign-up to receive the texts, they'll get five days' worth of brief supportive messages that link to research-based advice and tips on Shine's website.  Read more...

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Apple said to be prepping self-driving employee shuttle service

 Apple’s first real-world use of some of the autonomous driving technology it’s working on could be a self-driving shuttle, according to a new report from The New York Times. The Times’ detailed progress (and some missteps) in Apple’s self-driving car ambitions, and one of those which still seems on track is a plan to create an autonomous shuttle to ferry employees from… Read More

Live from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 press conference

 Welcome to the event many never thought would happen. After the Galaxy Note 7 turned from flagship phone to airline PA warning and tech blogger punchline, many wondered if there would be a follow up. But here we are at Samsung Unpacked in New York, and every teaser and leak points to the return of the company’s phabled phablet. As far as what the expect from the Galaxy Note 8,… Read More
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Twitter hashtags are 10 years old and they wouldn't have happened without old-school texting


Yes, it's really been 10 years. 

Twitter's most iconic feature is celebrating a big birthday today. Exactly 10 years ago, before there were iPhones, Android phones, or a Twitter app, one Twitter user came up with the idea of using the "#" symbol to group tweets together.

That early Twitter user was Chris Messina, who has said the idea originally stemmed from what are now two major throwbacks from the early days of the Internet: IRC and T-9. 

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is an old web standard that enabled messaging via group chat rooms. The format we now know as a hashtag, where similar messages are grouped together using the # sign, was already a well-established part of IRC in 2007, so it made some sense to bring the same dynamic to Twitter. Read more...

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How to watch the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 live stream


It's finally happening. 

Today, Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 8 at a special media event in New York CityMashable will be covering the event live from the ground, but if you're not a member of the media — you can still follow along at home via live satellite stream.

Samsung is livestreaming what it's calling "Samsung Unpacked 2017" event starting at 11 a.m. ET. from the company's website. The live stream is expected to last about an hour and should at some point address the company's recent quality control issues with the Galaxy Note products. Read more...

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Prince Harry shares his anger at the paparazzi for photographing his mother as she lay dying


Prince Harry has condemned the paparazzi for photographing his mother when she was critically injured in the wreckage of the car shortly after it crashed. 

In an interview for a BBC documentary airing Sunday entitled Diana, 7 days, Harry speaks candidly about his mother's death. Princess Diana was in the back seat of a car that was travelling high speed through a tunnel in Paris while being pursued by the paparazzi. 

Harry told the BBC that one of the most difficult things to accept is the paparazzi's behaviour in the immediate aftermath of the accident which caused her death.  Read more...

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Someone has stolen a Donald Trump poster from a Dublin bar urinal. Yes, really.


One of the world's most controversial tributes to Donald Trump is a photo of the president in a urinal in a Dublin bar. 

Adelphi pub on Dublin's Abbey Street proudly made a statement during the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, when Trump was just a Republican candidate. 

However, the pub just wrote on Facebook that someone stole Donald from the urinal, and they're offering a €100 (£92) beer tab as a reward for whoever finds the poster and returns it:

I know, I know, it's pretty gross but let that sink in for a moment.  Read more...

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iOS 11 vs. Android Oreo: No one cares who's winning

Every year, two mobile industry titans birth new software into the world like a pair of newborn cubs from rival lion prides. I speak, of course, of iOS and Android. After a series of beta releases this summer, new versions of both operating systems a...
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Elon Musk shares first photo of SpaceX’s new spacesuit

 We now have our first look at the spacesuit SpaceX plans to use for its first crewed missions, courtesy of Elon Musk. The SpaceX CEO shared the image via Instagram, revealing that the picture was not a mockup, but an actual shot of a fully functional suit, which could withstand double the pressure of the vacuum of space. Musk noted that getting the right balance of form and function was… Read More
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Elon Musk shares first photo of SpaceX’s new spacesuit

 We now have our first look at the spacesuit SpaceX plans to use for its first crewed missions, courtesy of Elon Musk. The SpaceX CEO shared the image via Instagram, revealing that the picture was not a mockup, but an actual shot of a fully functional suit, which could withstand double the pressure of the vacuum of space. Musk noted that getting the right balance of form and function was… Read More

Teen detained then released for dancing the Macarena on a Saudi Arabian street


Saudi police detained then released a 14-year-old boy who went viral on Twitter for dancing to the 1990s hit song "Macarena" in a busy street crossing in Jeddah. 

The video was apparently posted online in 2016 then removed, but it's reappeared and gone viral. 

The teenager was accused of "improper public behaviour" and disrupting traffic, according to Saudi police. 

He's just been released without charge. 

“They signed a written pledge that the teen will not engage in behaviour that could endanger his life and the life of others again,” the statement saidRead more...

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Naomi Campbell calls out former Vogue editor for the magazine's lack of diversity


British Vogue has been no stranger to criticism of late. And, Naomi Campbell has just come for the fashion magazine's lack of diversity under the leadership of its former editor-in-chief. 

The supermodel posted a photo of Vogue's all-white editorial staff on her Instagram, noting that it had been taken while Alexandra Shulman was at the helm of the magazine. Shulman left Vogue in early August 2017 after 25 years at the magazine, and her replacement Edward Enninful became the first black editor to steer the publication in its 100 year history.  Read more...

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Bran = Night King is the wildest 'Game of Thrones' theory yet


Warning: Contains many, many spoilers for Game of Thrones. Proceed at your own risk. 

Despite his limited time in the show, Bran has always been at the centre of much speculation and wild theories, including one which sees him warging into icy Viserion. 

But — rest assured — the latest theory to make the rounds on social media is the most mind-blowing to date.

What if Brandon Stark is actually the Night King? What if everything that has ever happened in Westeros is Bran's fault? 

Even if you hate Ned Stark's son, this theory — which has actually been popular for a while — is pretty wild, isn't it? Let's begin by piecing together all the evidence.  Read more...

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Please Japan, cough medicine flavoured Kit Kats sound like a terrible idea


You can Kit Kat a lot of flavours, but perhaps cough drops aren't the best idea.

The Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji, or Cough Drop flavour, is made up of 2.1 percent throat lozenge powder.

Image: pr times/screenshot

According to Nestle, the powder is kneaded into the white chocolate layers of the Kit Kat, to give it a "fresh and invigorating flavour."

"キットカット のど飴味"が新登場!

あなたの叶えたい願いごとは何?「@KITKATJapan #キット願いかなう」 をつけてツイートして✨

— KIT KAT Japan (@KITKATJapan) August 21, 2017

Naturally, the product is from Japan, which has previously produced Soy Sauce, French Salt and Sweet Potato Kit Kats. Cough syrup-flavoured Kit Kat though, certainly takes the cake. Read more...

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The Morning After: Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.Wednesday has arrived. It brings the last gasp of eclipse talk (for a few years, anyway), as well as our first close look at the SNES Classic Edition. Oh, and don't forget, check Engadget for all of the Samsung...

China's latest bullet trains will reach a blazing 400 km/h, faster than the Hyperloop One


China has officially reclaimed the title for world's fastest train.

Come September 21, new bullet trains will be blazing their way across China at speeds of up to 400 km/h (248 mph). 

Consider this China's comeback, after a two-train collision in 2011 that killed 40 people. The top speed at the time was 350 km/h, but authorities throttled them to 300 km/h after the fatal accident.

The new trains will be returning to the 350 km/h speed, but according to state news outlet Xinhua, they're capable of going even faster, at a maximum speed of 400 km/h. Read more...

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This startup is bringing Alipay-style QR code payments to Indonesia

 The growth of digital payments and banking in China, where it has become mainstream and spawned numerous on-demand industries, is inspiring companies to pursue similar opportunities across. Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest population and Southeast Asia’s largest economy is a primary focus for many. Beyond bigger players such as Alibaba, which has a joint fintech venture… Read More