So, Ja Rule’s ‘Fyre’ is actually a company, not just a total disaster of a festival


In case you have been under a rock — or you’re trapped on an island in the Bahamas with a dead cell phone and no connectivity — the Fyre Festival has been a disaster.

But what is Fyre? Yes, it’s a music festival that has now left hundreds of rich millennials stranded and awaiting refunds. But the actual Fyre, the inspiration of the name, is a company created by rapper Ja Rule.

Fyre, which I hadn’t heard of until today, is an “on-demand talent booking service.” I went to fyreapp.com and in a few minutes I had booked French Montana to play my birthday (June 2) at Mashable HQ in New York (don’t think I can expense private jets to the Bahamas). Read more…

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