One woman’s epic twitter thread has it all: A cheating boyfriend, stone cold revenge, and gifs aplenty


It all began with a single, intriguing tweet. 

On Sunday, Twitter user @AyanaTheDIVA posted something about figuring out her boyfriend had been cheating on her after a coworker showed her his Instagram page on her phone. She paired it with a very apt Beyonce gif.

When a girl wants to show you a picture of her fine nigga in her phone and she starts pullin up YOUR mans IG page 🙃 pic.twitter.com/kR5HQz7AKi

— IG: AYANATHEDIVA (@AyanaTheDIVA) September 10, 2017

What followed next was an epic thread, filled with betrayal and suspense. 

Ayana begins by explaining that she'd just started a new job at a restaurant and right away had clicked with a fellow server. In talking about some of their customers, it becomes clear the two women have similar taste in guys. But little did they know just how similar.... Read more...

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