Fox News execs accused of hacking host who alleged sexual harassment


Fox News has a whole new problem on its hands — and it could cost its owners a $14 billion deal.

Fox News executives have been accused of conducting a social media harassment campaign and hacking into the computer of a former host for the channel, who alleged sexual harassment against the channel’s ousted CEO Roger Ailes.

Andrea Tantaros, who hosted “The Five” on Fox News, made the accusations in a lawsuit filed on Monday (lawsuit posted below). In the suit, Tantaros alleges that spyware was installed on her computer after she made claims about the behavior of Ailes and former host Bill O’Reilly. Fox News let go of both men over numerous sexual harassment allegations — moves that came after legal settlements of ten millions of dollars were reportedly used to quell complaints against the two men and pay them to leave the network. Read more…

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