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Self-powered patch monitors glucose levels during exercise

Diabetics could soon have an effective, non-invasive way to measure glucose levels during exercise, thanks to a patch designed by researchers at the State University of New York. The paper-based patch sticks directly onto the skin like a Band-Aid, an...
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Fitbit still hasn’t cracked the smartwatch code

 Struggling with a sputtering wearables market, plummeting stock pricing and increased competition on the low-end of the market, Fitbit threw a Hail Mary. It vacuumed up a trio of startups and got to work in earnest on one smartwatch to rule them all. Read More
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Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch is no Apple Watch killer


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24 hours with Fitbit’s first smartwatch

The holiday season is almost upon us, but as you fantasize about the mouthwatering delicacies you're going to put in your bellies, some of you may already be getting ready to shed a few pounds. A new and improved crop of fitness-centric smartwatches...
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Watch an entire New York City music festival live in VR

NextVR and Live Nation are getting pretty good at covering concerts in VR compared to others, and now they're amping up their ambitions. In partnership with Citi, they'll broadcast the Global Citizen Festival live in VR from New York's Central Park o...
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‘Neko Atsume’ is coming to PlayStation VR in 2018

Neko Atsume was the smartphone hit where you collected and fed cats. That was... mostly it. It also took over the lives of several of my friends, and was huge enough to warrant a movie spin-off in Japan. Apt, then, that Tokyo Game Show is where PlayS...
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Red Sox reportedly cheated with a Fitbit, not an Apple Watch

Reports that the Boston Red Sox cheated in games with an Apple Watch may have been slightly off the mark. A source speaking to Boston Globe baseball writer Nick Cafardo claims that the team used a Fitbit device, not Apple's smartwatch. It's not cer...
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Microsoft is holding a Mixed Reality event on October 3rd

In case it wasn't already clear that Microsoft is big on the concept of mixed reality (read: augmented and virtual reality), the company is about to drive the point home. It's inviting the media to a Windows Mixed Reality event in San Francisco on O...
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Amazon tests one-hour delivery for your fashion show picks

Ever seen a style at a fashion show that you wish you could wear out the same night? Amazon might just fulfill your wishes. It's testing an option that delivers highlights from Nicopanda's London Fashion Week lineup to local Prime subscribers withi...
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Nike’s ‘NBA Connected’ jerseys tap into the game with NFC tags

Nike is the new apparel maker for the NBA and tonight it officially rolled out updated jerseys for the teams. They're specially constructed to keep players cool and allow for freedom of movement, but there's a new feature for fans too. They'll debut...