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Uber has seen a sharp drop in new driver retention this year: Apptopia

 Uber has seen a sharp drop in retention rates for new drivers in the U.S., according to analysis of the Uber driver app provided to TechCrunch by app analytics firm Apptopia. Read More
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Where Travis Kalanick and Donald Trump meet in the middle: Their supporters


They might not be perfect, but they're winners.

In 2017, it's a common refrain. For example: It's how Donald Trump supporters justify supporting Donald Trump. And it's also how Travis Kalanick supporters still justify supporting Travis Kalanick.

Let's be clear: Kalanick is, in form and function, nothing like Trump. Kalanick is a legitimately successful entrepreneur who created a massive company out of thin air. Kalanick's also got plenty of faults, but he hasn't been accused of a fraction of the improprieties that Trump has (personally, and professionally). 

They share, however, in a cult of personality among their supporters—as do other tech figures (see: Elon Musk). Their supporters look at these figures and their faults, and see greatness—not just alongside these faults, but because of these faults. Read more...

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Some Uber employees want Kalanick back in the CEO chair

Travis Kalanick stepped down as Uber's CEO earlier this week, leaving the CEO, COO, CFO and general counsel positions open. But while he's no longer head of the company, Kalanick is far from gone. He's still a member of the board and controls the maj...
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Equity podcast: Too much damn Uber news and Jeff Bezos buys a grocery chain

 Hello and welcome back to Equity, a weekly podcast of high finance gossip and low GAAP intrigue. It’s TechCrunch’s show focused on all things venture capital. This week, Katie Roof, Matthew Lynley and I — Alex Wilhelm — were joined by Cyan Banister, a prolific investor on her own (Uber, Postmates, the list goes on), and partner at Founders Fund, a team with more… Read More
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As Uber’s value slips on the secondary market, Lyft’s is rising

 It’s been happening for months. The value of Uber’s shares has been falling on the secondary market, hammered by a barrage of press attention paid to its real and perceived misdeeds. Meanwhile, Lyft’s stock is on the rise. It’s hard to know if these trend lines will continue, but sharks are circling, with prospective buyers trying to gauge fear in the market — and… Read More
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Some Uber employees are reportedly petitioning for Travis Kalanick to stay

 There’s a petition circulating among Uber employees asking the board of directors to let Travis Kalanick return to the company, Recode reports. The email going around talks about how Kalanick is “critical” to the company’s future success. It ultimately asks employees to show their support for Kalanick and push for him to get reinstated in an operational role. Read More
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Uber users know about everything that’s going down, and they’re not happy


Uber's toxic, crumbling corporate culture is making waves outside the tech world. 

Uber users are keeping track of everything that's been happening at Uber's San Francisco headquarters, and it's affecting how they see the company—and whether they'll use the ride-hailing app. 

According research by the media and technology firm Morning Consult, 57 percent of Uber users had heard a lot or some about "claims of bullying, sexism, and sexual harassment at Uber headquarters." 

Morning Consult surveyed 1,652 Uber users from June 15 to 21—in the middle of Uber's most recent scandals, but right before Travis Kalanick resigned from his position as CEORead more...

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Waymo filing says ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick knew engineer had Google info

 In the ongoing legal case between Uber and Waymo, a new filing suggests Uber knew that Anthony Levandowski possessed Google information as of last March, before Otto’s acquisition. The former Google self-driving project engineer founded Otto, and then joined Uber to lead its self-driving efforts when Otto was acquired by the ride hailing giant. Waymo’s new filing cites a response… Read More
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McDonald’s offers UK deliveries through UberEats

In the UK, there are many ways to stave off hunger without leaving the comfort of your home. Just-Eat, Deliveroo and Amazon Prime Now are but a few of the mobile apps that will deliver to your doorstep, however until today one particular restaurant c...
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Bill Gurley to leave Uber’s board of directors

 Benchmark’s Bill Gurley is set to leave Uber’s board of directors, one day after the company announced the resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick following months of controversy over its corporate culture. A Benchmark spokesman told Bloomberg, which first reported the news of Gurley’s departure, that his board seat will be filled by Matt Cohler, another Benchmark general partner. Read More