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Crunch Report | Facebook Fixing Its Election Ads Problem

GM is hoping to have 20 new electric vehicles by 2023, Uber is partnering with Westfield Malls to offer pick-up spots and lounges and Facebook is hiring 1,000 more people to help combat election ad interference. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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Senate confirms Ajit Pai as FCC Chairman

 Ajit Pai has been confirmed by the Senate as the Chairman of the FCC. He has been acting Chairman this whole time, as the process of confirmation generally lags well behind the succession process at the agency; the former Chairman, Tom Wheeler, stepped down shortly before the new Presidential term began, marking Pai’s de facto promotion. The vote today is his de jure assumption of the role. Read More

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Truphone raises $339M to retire debt and step up in connecting IoT devices

 Truphone, a mobile company based out of London that made a name for itself through low-cost international mobile voice and data plans, is taking a very big step forward in a strategy to catapult itself into the future of communications: the company has picked up a massive £255 million ($339 million), funding that it will use to retire its debt and double down on providing data connectivity… Read More


The United States’ share of global early-stage capital slips again

 Tech hubs tend to generate material wealth for their workers and the countries that house them. Historically, Silicon Valley has served as the de facto hub for tech. But that is under assault from markets both domestic and abroad. So, how is the United States faring in terms of its share of global early-stage funding? Read More

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ForeScout Technologies unveils security IPO filing

 ForeScout Technologies has unveiled its IPO filing. This puts the network security company on track for a public debut that could happen as soon as late October. ForeScout helps companies and government agencies monitor the devices connected to their networks and alerts them of potential intrusions. Read More

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Topology lets you try before you buy glasses using AR in an app

 Topology Eyewear is an augmented reality app providing custom-fit glasses from a 3D scan of your face. Most glasses are mass manufactured to fit a supposedly symmetric head. The problem is, most of us are not that symmetrical. The Topology app, available on iOS, uses face-scanning technology to take into account facial factors that can make most glasses not fit as well as they should. Read More

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Ex-500 Startups partners launch Hustle Fund to level the playing field for founders

 Ex-500 Startups partners Elizabeth Yin and Eric Bahn want to focus on potential impact, not on whether or not founders have a degree from Stanford or some Ivy League school. Their goal with Hustle Fund, according to sources, is to level the playing the field for entrepreneurs in an industry where pedigree is not a good proxy for success. Hustle Fund ultimately wants to create a true meritocracy… Read More


AWS fires back at Larry Ellison’s claims, saying it’s just Larry being Larry

 When Oracle chairman Larry Ellison announced his company’s new autonomous database product at the Oracle OpenWorld conference keynote, he took several minutes to disparage AWS, one of his chief rivals in the cloud market. As market leader, Amazon stands firmly in Ellison’s crosshairs, but AWS took exception to his comments, and decided to issue a public rebuke. Read More

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Art.snapchat.com counts down to augmented reality art launch with Jeff Koons

 A strange “art.snapchat.com” URL featuring a countdown to 3PM eastern time Tuesday over a photo of Central Park and New York’s skyline has appeared. When TechCrunch asked Snapchat about it, a company spokesperson told us “  we’re excited to share more soon”. [Update: It appears the site is counting down to the launch of an augmented reality art feature… Read More

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Tesla made only 260 Model 3 cars in Q3, but is ‘confident’ it can fix bottleneck

 Tesla has released its quarterly vehicle production numbers for the third quarter of 2017, which it says was its “all-time best quarter for Model S and Model X deliveries” – but it was not a great quarter for production of the Model 3, of which only 260 were made. This was far under predicted totals, which Tesla ascribes to “production bottlenecks,” though it… Read More