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Hulu will soon merge its two iOS apps into one

Say goodbye to confusing one Hulu app on your iOS device for another. Soon, the streaming service will condense both of them into a single one and phase out the Hulu Live TV app introduced earlier this year when the livestreaming service debuted.

Suppliers and retailers will use blockchain to keep food fresh

IBM has joined with a group of food supply companies and retailers to use the computing company's blockchain tech to keep food fresh. Currently, it can take up to two weeks to track down the source of contaminated foodstuffs. But just like tracking c...
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Crashplan drops its cloud backup service for home users

If you rely on Crashplan as a remote backup for your computer, you're going to have to find an alternative in short order. Code42 is phasing out its Crashplan for Home service as it switches its focus to business users. The company has stopped offe...
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Delta tests customer service video chats to field your complaints

Delta is certainly trying to update its tech to join the 21st century. This summer, it's tested replacing boarding passes with fingerprints and checking baggage by scanning passengers' faces. But the airline's next advance is kind of an old-school dr...
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Uber’s more flexible driver policies promise fewer cancelled rides

If you've used Uber long enough, you've probably encountered drivers who've canceled trips simply because they weren't convenient. They didn't want to travel far or had an appointment to make, for instance. You might not have to put up with those sur...
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Astro’s email app packs a virtual assistant you can talk to

Virtual assistants have been quick to invade our phones and our homes — is it any surprise that they're creeping into our email accounts, too? A startup called Astro built a chatbot (imaginatively named "Astrobot") into its email app earlier th...
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‘State of Decay 2’ forces you to pick who becomes zombie food

State of Decay 2 wants you to decide who lives or dies -- and whatever happens next. The sequel aims to double-down on what made the 2013 original work: a more sophisticated game world, and bothy more elaborate skill trees and settlements, whether th...
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One week with Alexa

My morning routine is simple: I wake up when my phone's alarm goes off, I go back to sleep, wake up again, contemplate more sleep, get dressed, make coffee and listen to one of Alexa's "flash briefings" before I start slinging words on the internet....
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Samsung’s Bixby assistant is finally available worldwide

Samsung has faced a tough slog getting Bixby to the masses, but now its voice assistant is accessible in more than 200 countries including the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa. It's been available in South Korea and the US since July, when it l...
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One week with Google Assistant

I had been in a years-long relationship with Siri when my affair with the Google Assistant began. It started innocently enough. Assistant made me laugh with some silly jokes, and we played a cute game she made in the Allo chat app called "Emoji Movie...