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Instagram Location Stories appear in Explore. Is Story Search Coming?

 It’s taking Instagram less and less time to copy Snapchat. Less than two months after Snapchat launched its Stories Search feature for seeing what’s going on at a location or related to a topic, Instagram is rolling out Location Stories to its Explore page. Last week, TechCrunch broke the news that Instagram was testing Location Stories, which aggregate the publicly posted… Read More
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This concept video shows some great improvements for iOS 11

 2017 is no different — I still hate concept videos. But Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett teamed up once again to design some of the changes they’d like to see with iOS 11. It’s more convincing than your average concept video. In particular, this video focuses on iOS for the iPad. The Shelf is an interesting new feature. You can pull it down from the top of the screen and… Read More
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Apple Pay now supports higher value transactions at most UK contactless tills

 If the UK’s £30 contactless payment limit was holding back greater adoption of Apple’s biometric contactless payment tech, Apple Pay, the company should expect to see uplift in usage as it believes that a majority of UK contactless POS now supports limitless transactions. Read More
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New in our buyer’s guide: The Galaxy S8 and Gear VR controller

Last month we updated our buyer's guide with a bunch of stuff and whaddya know: six days later we published our glowing review of both the Galaxy S8 and S8+. With scores of 91 and 92, respectively, both deserved a spot on our shortlist. And those are...
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‘Angry Birds’ will celebrate its 10th anniversary with another movie

How will you celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of Finland's biggest exports? No, I'm not talking about electrical machinery or oil -- I mean Angry Birds. Well, Columbia Pictures and Sony are doing so with a sequel to the furious fowl's silver scr...
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Uber’s carpool service sacrifices convenience for efficiency in NYC (updated)

In the wake of its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2017 (yup, and it's only just May), Uber has been doing a lot of work to improve its service. As an extension of the "smart pickup points" trial from London and other cities last year, the ride...
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‘Tech Hunters’ uncovers the retro gadgets that defined their time

The first mobile phones weighed roughly the same as a small child. Early black-and-white TVs had a tuning knob that you turned to change channel. Looking back on them now, it's almost laughable how low-tech they were when compared to the flagship sma...
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Israeli court says emojis can signal your intent

The emojis you send are always open to interpretation, and when the person reading them is a judge, there could be tangible consequences. A court in Israel, for instance, has ordered a couple to pay $2,200 for using emojis that "convey great optimism...
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LeEco CEO steps down but stays in charge

To put it mildly, LeEco has had its fair share of trouble lately. It ran low on cash due to aggressive growth, backed out of its Vizio takeover and threw its weight behind Faraday Future's electric cars despite some overly ambitious plans. Clearly, t...
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SoftBank and Saudi Arabia tout the world’s largest tech fund

It's normally not a big deal if a tech investment fund scores a lot of money (unless you're a startup CEO eager for cash), but the latest windfall is definitely an exception to the rule. After no shortage of hype, Sprint owner SoftBank and the Saudi...