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Equifax will warn 2.5 million additional hacking victims by mail

The hack that compromised Equifax was bad enough, but its response only seemed to make things worse. Even the website that verified the potential threat to your data left many people wondering. Equifax wants to remove any doubt, though. In the wake o…

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After Las Vegas shooting, Facebook and Google get the news wrong again

The worst mass shooting in modern US history took place last night in Las Vegas, where a gunman killed at least 58 people and injured more than than 515 others, according to the latest reports. Not long after the unfortunate event, Facebook and Googl…

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Microsoft gives up on Groove Music, switches customers to Spotify

Microsoft still isn't having much luck competing in the digital music realm. The software behemoth has announced that it's axing its Groove Music services (streaming, purchases and re-downloads) after December 31st, 2017. And unlike in the past, th…

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FCC Chairman Pai appoints a new chief technology officer

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that Eric Burger would be joining the commission as its new chief technology officer. He's set to take over the position this month. Burger will be replacing Henning Schulzrinne who is returning to a Columbia Universit…

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Germany enacts law limiting online hate speech

Germany's law combating hate speech on social media is now live. It's the country's attempt to get social networks to remove offensive posts within 24 hours (or seven days, if the content is difficult to evaluate). Those that fail to comply may be fi…

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Jon Hamm is the latest A-lister to join Amazon’s ‘Good Omens’

Amazon's quest to hire top-tier actors for its original shows is still in full swing. The internet giant has revealed that Mad Men star Jon Hamm is joining the main cast of Good Omens, the episodic adaptation of the novel penned by Neil Gaiman and t…

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DJI’s drone ‘privacy mode’ is now available

In August, DJI announced that it would be introducing Local Data Mode to its line of drones, a setting that would cut drones off from internet activity and stop information like flight location from being uploaded to the company's servers. Well that…

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Facebook is hiring 1,000 people to fight shady ads

Now that Facebook has given Russia-linked ads to Congress, it's outlining what it'll do to prevent such a suspicious ad campaign from happening in the future. To begin with, it's promising to make ads more transparent — it's writing tools that w…

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HP Enterprise let Russia review the Pentagon’s security software

Last year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) allowed a Russian defense agency to analyze the source code of a cybersecurity software used by the Pentagon, Reuters reports. The software, a product called ArcSight, is an important piece of cyber defense…

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The Morning After: Monday, October 2nd, 2017

This Monday morning, we're getting surprise deep-space photos, laying out the struggles in getting power back in Puerto Rico and juggling our favorite Switch games in a bid to play… more Switch games.