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Welcome to Tomorrow, the home of stuff that hasn’t happened yet

It was just about a month ago that Christopher Trout put up a post on Engadget introducing himself as our new editor-in-chief. Since then, we've been busy drilling down into the areas we cover best: consumer electronics ("gear"), gaming and entertain...
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Apple Music trial is no longer free in some countries

Apple Music has adjusted its free trial in some countries, and we don't quite know why. In order to land your three-month trial in Australia, Spain and Switzerland, you'll be charged around 99 cents. We're looking into how widespread the new charges...
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Amazon’s checkout-less Go stores could be coming to the UK

Amazon's checkout-free grocery stores could be coming to the UK and Europe, if its recent intellectual property filings are anything to go by. Bloomberg reports that the retailer has successfully registered trademarks for slogans "No Lines. No Checko...
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The Morning After: Monday, May 22nd 2017

Hey, good morning! Over the weekend, you might have missed the (legal) consequences of emoji, Microsoft's holographic display that could squeeze inside your glasses, and how drones and AI are battling poachers.
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Bitcoin is worth more than ever, but it’s losing clout

To say that Bitcoin has had a roller coaster ride would be an understatement. Between regulatory hurdles, heists and its all-too-common use in online crime, it's sometimes a surprise the cryptocurrency has survived. However, it's faring well -- so we...
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Israeli court says emojis can signal your intent

The emojis you send are always open to interpretation, and when the person reading them is a judge, there could be tangible consequences. A court in Israel, for instance, has ordered a couple to pay $2,200 for using emojis that "convey great optimism...
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Leak reveals Facebook’s rules for controversial content

It's no secret that Facebook's judgment calls on risky content are sometimes more than a little problematic. But just what are the rules guiding those decisions? You'll know after today. The Guardian has obtained leaked copies of over 100 internal...
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SoftBank and Saudi Arabia tout the world’s largest tech fund

It's normally not a big deal if a tech investment fund scores a lot of money (unless you're a startup CEO eager for cash), but the latest windfall is definitely an exception to the rule. After no shortage of hype, Sprint owner SoftBank and the Saudi...
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After Math: Get free

It's been a rockin' week in the free world. Chelsea Manning is free from prison after being pardoned by President Obama in January, Facebook announced it will stream 20 free MLB games across its social network this season and international business t...
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At I/O 2017, Google doubled down on a future built on AI

A few years ago, when a cadre of dudes jumped out of a zeppelin wearing Google Glass, nearly everyone watching had a "holy shit" moment. Company execs had just run through a slew of big, consumer-facing announcements, and then Sergey Brin threw the p...