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Rockstar Games, Take Two seem to back off of PC game modders

Earlier this month, Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two angered the PC gaming community after sending a cease and desist letter to the developers of the OpenIV modding tool. OpenIV allowed people to create modifications for GTA IV and GTA V single pl...
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Seattle Police Department suspends its Twitch channel following Charleena Lyles controversy

 Facing backlash on its handling of the officer-involved shooting death of Charleena Lyles, the Seattle Police Department will shut down its official Twitch channel. The department started experimenting with community outreach over the game streaming platform earlier this year. Read More

Rockstar’s cool with mods, just don’t mess with their online services


The developers behind Grand Theft Auto want the world to know that they're perfectly fine with modders messing around with their games, they just want them to stick to single player while they're doing it.

Grand Theft Auto V publisher Take-Two Interactive sent a cease and desist letter to the creator of OpenIV, a prominent GTA modding tool popularly used in GTAV's single player. The game's developer, Rockstar Games, just released a new statement clarifying that single player mods are allowed, but mods that affect multiplayer may be subject to legal action. Read more...

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‘Modern Warfare Remastered’ heads to PS4 without the bundle

If you were disappointed that you had to keep the $80 disc for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in your gaming rig to be able to play the better-reviewed Modern Warfare remaster, you're in luck. Publisher Activision has announced that it will reverse t...
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Cartoon Network’s ‘OK K.O.!’ is a unique TV/video game collaboration


OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is a TV show that isn't out yet. It has a parallel universe in the form of a video game called OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes, which also isn't out yet. The two are being created contemporaneously — the show by Cartoon Network and the game by Capybara Games — and both mediums are bleeding into each other in interesting ways. 

At E3, I had a chance to watch a few episodes of OK K.O.!, play a bit of the game, and talk with creators on both sides of the fence about how the collaboration between Cartoon Network and Capybara Games separates OK K.O.! from the rest of TV/video game crossovers. Read more...

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Conan O’Brien and Will Arnett fumble their way through Nintendo’s ‘ARMS’


In Conan O'Brien's latest segment of Clueless Gamer, the host welcomes special guest Will Arnett to battle in Nintendo's bizarre new fighting game called ARMS. The two of them should definitely stick to their day (and late night) jobs.

O'Brien and Arnett dish out a handful of jokes and burns to each other during their intense 1v1 battles, keeping the spirit of competition alive despite their lack of experience with ARMS. And they look pretty goofy while doing it.

At one point, Arnett gets so worked up and sweaty that they have to take a break so a makeup artist can come out and work on covering up his glistening forehead. By the end, these two aren't messing around. Read more...

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‘Pokémon Go’ badasses can now play Raid Battles

Some Pokémon Go players can now start working in groups to take on powerful creatures in Raid Battles, one of the long-awaited features for the popular augmented reality game. There's a catch, though: Pokémon trainers have to be level 3...
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The next video game controller is your voice

For all of modern gaming's advances, conversation is still a fairly unsophisticated affair. Starship Commander, an upcoming virtual reality game on Oculus and SteamVR, illustrates both the promise and challenge of a new paradigm seeking to remedy tha...
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‘Overwatch’ loot boxes will have fewer duplicates

Players of Overwatch and Hearthstone should pay attention to Blizzard. The company has made two separate announcements that will significantly affect the loot systems in both games.
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Keiichi Yano wants to make a music game with heart

"Now let me welcome everybody to the wild, wild West. A state that's untouchable like Eliot Ness."It's rare for a video-game developer to rap during an interview. It's rarer still for him to recite a Tupac track with perfect pitch and cadence. But...