Apple wants teens to chill at its stores so badly


Apple is all about getting Gen Z away from the food court and Starbucks counter and plugged into Apple stores. 

In an interview with CBS earlier this week,  Angela Ahrendts, the senior vice president of retail, explained how she wants young Apple fans to say, “Meet me at Apple,” instead of hanging out elsewhere, sipping on unicorn frappaccinos.

“A lot of the big online guys have said they’re opening stores. Amazon’s investing in stores. Google’s investing in stores. … Starbucks figured it out, you know? Being a gathering place. ‘Meet me at Starbucks,”’ Ahrendts said. “I’ve told the teams, ‘I’ll know we’ve done a really, really great job if the next generation, if Gen Z says, ‘Meet me at Apple. Did you see what’s going on at Apple today?’” Read more…

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