A teenage skier manages to keep all bones intact after an intense Parkour training session


Lots of people have been playing the floor is lava recently, but no one plays it like this dude.

Andri Ragettli is a teenage skier from Switzerland who manages to glide through this parkour training course with ease. And he never touches the ground.

Parcour Part 2!!🔥 ➡️Road to Olympics!!!#parcour #training# summer #workhard #olympics #realmadrid #rmfans #roadtopyeongchang pic.twitter.com/BJyvPRi0id

— Andri ragettli (@Andriragettli) September 10, 2017

Ragetlli has been training for the 2018 olympics but he seems to spend a fair amount of time preparing for a role in a big budget action film. You may have seen some of these moves before in Mission Impossible or a James Bond chase scene. Read more...

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