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Welcome to the cutting edge of app development! Our researchers, designers, and developers are at the forefront of the latest technologies.

JARVIS – Coding with Artificial Intelligence!

Get Access to Web Data Scientists... App Astronauts... Development Pilots... Software Testers...

We’re dedicated to shaping the future of digital solutions and turning ideas into reality. Our expertise lies in creating stunning digital experiences, robust app development platforms, and providing virtual consulting services. Our team of perfectionists leverages the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology to make the world a more beautiful and efficient place.

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Clayton Morris, a former Fox News anchor, is the mastermind behind the platform "Redacted." Along with his wife Natali, Clayton brings a fresh perspective to important legal, social, financial, and personal issues. With his extensive journalism background, Clayton's not afraid to ask the tough questions and demand the truth from those in power.

Strategic Light helped Clayton and Natali to transform millions of americans get the news alerts every morning with software that has global reach. Strategic Light also offers IT support and servers assistance with other app development work for Clayton's seven figure agencies in Real Estate (Morris Invest, Financial Freedom Academy, Crypto News Daily). There is simply no looking back and things are working out great.

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Digital Media Agency 

Digital Media Agency 

Digital Media Agency 

Digital Media Agency 

Digital Media Agency 

Design wizards, development gurus, and delivery superheroes all work together to bring our clients’ software visions to life. And yes, we’re a little extraordinary, too (but don’t tell the other app development companies we said that). So sit back, relax, and let us work our magic!

Technology Stack
Delivery Process
Battle Tested Scrum-based
Agile Methodology

DevOps Driven Culture

Our agile development approach, using scrum methodology, means you’ll be able to see your app or solution taking shape on a daily basis. Our extensive technology stack, including NodeJS, React, AngularJS, JS, ES6, PHP, WordPress, and Solidity, ensures that we can provide a solution that meets your specific needs.

Our DevOps-focused culture ensures a streamlined and efficient delivery process. With a reliable and automated software release cycle, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition by getting your software in front of your customers faster than ever before. Trust us; your customers will thank you.

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